The Short Answer

For those of you who do not want to read the entire article, this section is for you. Using oven cleaner on kitchen countertops is a BAD idea and you should never do it. I experimented with it and it completely discolored my countertops. Unless you are willing to pay for completely new countertops, avoid this completely.

What is Oven Cleaner on Why Would I Be Using it on Kitchen Countertops?

Clearly, oven cleaner is a cleaner meant for ovens (not to be sarcastic). Often people try this approach because they have extremely dirty countertops and need to get them cleaned fast. They may not have any chemicals at all, or may have chemicals that are not sufficient or strong enough to deal with the current mess. Either way, it can be frustrating when you need to clean the home and aren’t really in the mood to drive to a hardware store to pick up the cleaner that you need. With any type of countertops, you have to be careful which type of cleaner you use on it. Using the wrong one can have dire and expensive consequences. You do not want to replace your countertops, especially if you have granite, marble, or some other expensive stone like what I have.


Using Oven Cleaner on Kitchen Countertops?

I have wondered what would happen if I were to try using oven cleaner on kitchen countertops in the past. Many people have wondered the same thing. Rather than simply looking it up, we decided to do an experiment ourselves to see what happened. It turns out that oven cleaner on kitchen countertops can damage them badly. Oven Cleaner has many harsh chemicals in them which can damage your countertops. It doesn’t matter if you have granite, quartz, or old vinyl countertops. If you try doing this it can and will hurt your counters.

So What Happened When I Tried It?

I tried it on a small portion of our vinyl countertops. It was not a product designed to be used on countertops, it was clearly meant for the oven. I cleaned it the same way I would with any other cleaner, and the counters started changing colors. No, I’m not joking. The countertops literally were stained and it may be permanent. After experiencing this clear issue, I decided to do some research.

Here is what I learned:

  • It can cause different issues depending on what type of countertops you have.
  • Harsh chemicals should not be used on polished stone countertops
  • You are better off going to Home Depot and purchasing countertop cleaner
  • You can also use baking soda or vinegar which would be much better for your counters.


Your countertops are precious and extremely expensive. It may be tempting to use products that are not meant for countertops, but it is not worth the risk. Any products you use outside of their original purpose can be risky. When you are dealing with some expensive home items, it is definitely best for you to play it safe.

Home remodelers and developers have encountered a boom in the interest for granite countertops in bathroom and kitchens. The magnificence and warmth of granite make it a perfect material for stylish interest in home design, and the durability and simple care of granite countertops keep them a most loved for homeowners who are investigating into the future.

Granite makes a fantastic medium for countertops, as it is the most durable of all stones. The durability and flexibility of granite countertops make it a most loved of expert and home improvement specialists. Granite is an alluring stone that adds shading and warmth to any room. A mainstream selection of fashioners for decades, granite countertops have now turned out to be famous with public people. There are proficiently several shades of granite, from varieties of white through browns, reds, greens, blues, and dark. Darker and beige tones are the most popular, as they function well with most any kitchen shading scheme, permitting more adaptability in refurbishing over the years.

While granite countertops are a most loved decision because of their excellence and strength, they are not impenetrable to damage. Normal care incorporates appropriate cleaning and the utilization of sealers to prevent re-coloring or staining. Granite is very hard, it can be effectively be chipped. A talented expert can perform repairs that are nearly undetectable. Granite countertops are known for being both aesthetically and practically engaging pieces for any bathroom or kitchen. There are top reasons that adding granite countertops to your kitchen could be an extraordinary choice for you.

Aesthetics and Durable 

Granite is an attractive, beautiful, and a material that does not leave of style. Granite countertops will give your kitchen the additional identity. There are such huge numbers of plans and colors to browse that you are ensured to locate the correct granite style and shading for you. Since granite can withstand to a great degree a lot of pressure, warmth, and water, this granite style can possibly keep going forever. Granite is ideal for that sort of home where the kitchen is utilized to cook and entertainment room.

Maintenance and Variety

Granite requires hardly any sort of maintenance to keep it looking fresh. Because of its strength, granite is effectively cleaned with water, soap and regular cleanings will keep it intact for considerable years to come. Granite arrives in wide assortment colors, outlines, and sizes. There are such a large number of styles and sorts of granite that it will be simple for you to locate the ideal style for your kitchen.

Clean and Natural

Granite is effectively cleaned and kept up. Granite is known for its capacity to oppose microbes and other unhygienic properties that could cause damage to your kitchen. Granite is a typical kind of rock shake discovered normally in nature. You can practice environmental safety by choosing an item that doesn’t utilize plastic or other artificial toxins during the assembling procedure.

Friendly and Unique

The warmth, pressure, and water resistant properties make granite an extraordinary countertop choice for homes with your kids. With the durability of the stone, you won’t need to stress over your children harming the countertops by scratching/shading on it which makes it a well friendly decision for a wide assortment of home. Since granite comes in a few shapes, styles, and pattern it is protected to state that you will have a one of a kind countertop that is not at all like some other style of the countertop.

Resistant and Reasonable

Granite will last longer than some other countertop material with its warmth and pressure resistant properties. While the underlying cost of the granite may appear to be high, the enduring solidness of the countertop transforms your buy into an investment. While granite may appear to be costly at the first time, the cost of stone is in reality exceptionally reasonable over a long time. Since this rock does not require upkeep or repairs, this is a handy and reasonable investment that accompanies a one-time cost and very little cost in maintenance support.

Granite is a moderate investment ideal for homes that affection engaging, homes with youngsters, or homes looking to update their aesthetics for a long time in the future. The immortal durability and low maintenance support that accompanies granite countertops for all intents and purposes add value to your home.

It’s been a while since I posted, and I apologize for those readers out there who have lost interest in my absence. I have gotten consumed with my Job and have been very busy, so I have not had the time to create as much content as I would like.

It is definitely my intention to keep this updated as much as possible, so I will make an effort to keep it updated. Sorry to anyone who missed reading my blogs!

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Contemporary home decorating ideas do not always come quickly. But don’t worry – if you are looking to spruce up your living space you don’t have to consult a professional interior designer to make your home look fabulous. You can choose pieces yourself that complement your furniture and wall colors. Abstract or modern art is a great choice to add interest to your home décor. Abstract canvas art can give your home a modern feel, and you can choose pieces based on the subject matter, or on the color scheme of the painting. Modern art prints are an easy and affordable way to enliven a dull living space.

When embarking on an interior design project, there are many different types of wall decor and home accents to choose from. Some people like to display prints by famous artists, or original paintings by lesser-known, or local, artists. Other people prefer decorative vases, statues, or abstract objects. Whatever your taste, choosing a few non-functional, yet beautiful, pieces as the basis of your home decor can turn a house into a home. Many people shy away from interior decorating because they get overwhelmed by the choices. The simple answer is to choose what you like, not what you think you should like.

One of the great contemporary home decorating ideas is to embrace eclecticism. If you only have time to decorate one room at a time, don’t worry if you find that you threw away the paint samples from the last project. Some people like to maintain one or two color schemes throughout the whole house, but it doesn’t matter if every room is a different color, or if every room is white. What matters is that you like your environment. Sometimes a colored accent wall with a carefully placed art print is all that is needed to bring an otherwise bland room to life.

Decorating a room is an essential part of creating a warm homely atmosphere that one loves to live in. Area rugs offer a versatile way of changing a room in short time. Since only one element, the area rug, of the chamber has to be changed; it is also a cost-efficient way of redecorating a room.

Styles and Colors

Area rugs can be bought in many colors, shapes, and styles and it usually is a matter of time until the perfect fitting rug is found for a room. One of the more popular styles is the Oriental style.

Contemporary area rugs fit well into almost any room in the house due to the sheer amount of their designs and sizes. Children, for instance, love area rug designs of castles or boats in their rooms.


Contemporary area rug patterns are usually divided into the bold standout pattern and those that use muted colors which are also called simple design. Area rugs with muted colors add to the warm look and feel of the room without gaining too much attention while boldly patterned rugs liven a room.

Tips for Decorating

Simple rooms usually do very well with large contemporary rugs that can add color, style, and warmth to it. A unique contemporary area rug can add much to the atmosphere of a room.

Decorating your home with contemporary rugs allows more difficult to easily control which aspects of your decor you would like to highlight. For example, if you have a neutral colored room, you can bring in a slightly brighter contemporary rug to brighten and freshen your room.

Buyers of a contemporary area rug that want to place it on hardwood floors or other slippery floors should always purchase some non-slip rug mats as well so that the carpets will stay firm in place on the floor.

Whimsical Contemporary Rugs

When you are looking for a touch of fun in your kitchen, family room or any other room in your home, then you may want to look at the collection of contemporary themed rugs that are available. You can choose food themed rugs for the kitchen or dining area or aquatic themed rugs for the washrooms in your home.

These whimsical contemporary rugs add just a touch of fun to any room, making your home more attractive and inviting. The trick to using contemporary rugs as part of your home decorating is to find the theme you want in the colors that match or accentuate your decor.

There are many home decorating styles that people adopt. Much of it is determined by personal preference, but some of it is adopted because people want to sell their property. Some home decorating is completely modern with plain wood or laminate flooring throughout and perhaps a fully tiled bathroom and of course a fully fitted kitchen. This decorating style is often adopted by, or appeals to the young professional who wants their home to be functional yet stylish.

Some people’s home decorating styles tend towards the country cottage with lots of chintzy curtains and big soft cushions. Large kitchens are a favorite for this style because people can eat in a warm, bright room that is hung with pots and brightened by plants. Many people long to come home to a warm and welcoming kitchen and a comfortable sitting room, they are more interested in comfort than style. This type of home decorating style usually suits a family who want their home to fit around their lifestyle and accommodate their hobbies and projects.

Home decorating styles may vary, depending on what kind of life you lead and where you live. In some areas there is a tendency for residents to adopt similar styles of decoration rather than having an eclectic mix.

There are plenty of television programs around that show you how to decorate your home with style – a lot depends on whether your idea of style is the same as the designer’s idea of style. Mirrors and plush fabrics seem to be a prominent feature of this style of home decoration. Feature walls are also a must. With this style three walls may be painted and a fourth wall is made into a feature with some (usually expensive) wallpaper that tones with the paint.

You can still see home decorating styles that hark back to the days of hippies and often mean that the home owner has an artistic turn. Here you will see tiffany lamps, floor cushions and bright colors. Homes decorated in this way can have a warm and welcoming feel or they can be over bright with furniture, fittings and carpets all screaming for the visitor’s attention.

Home decorating styles are largely a result of people’s vision of the type of life they would like to live. Some like a neutral background where they can add possessions and brighten the style with accessories. Still others like a home to be bright and bustling and their decorating style will reflect this. Whatever you choose in home decorating styles, you should make sure that it is something you will be happy to live with for an extended period of time.

Browse through these six home decorating trends and see if there is one that matches your personal style.

Modern Organic

By organic, we mean natural looking. Modern furniture does not have to take a cubist approach with straight lines and hard edges. The new modern look has plenty of curves, but these gentle life-like curves avoid looking curly-cue or overly feminine. You can achieve the modern organic look with a variety of materials including wood, plastic, leather or metal. The accent colors will be almond, leafy greens, sand, tan and dark chocolate browns.

Shabby Chic

Warning, a true shabby chic look has a distinctly feminine look that is unlikely to appeal to the male gender. So unless you live alone, or the man in your life is extremely generous or oblivious to his surroundings, you may want to avoid shabby chic altogether. But if you do decide to go for it, go for the gusto by placing all white furniture and accessories in an all white interior, then distress the paint, fray the edges, and generally give your room that lived-in cottage look. If you grow tired of the all white theme, you can add a bit of color with cabbage roses and pink and green paint. Just make sure you keep the distressed look intact, even when repainting furniture or picture frames, or recovering pillows or lampshades.

American Country

The country look has evolved. Previously, American Country took its cues from English furniture styles, dependent upon the romantic look complete with pastel colors and frills. Today, American Country is more likely to mix traditional pieces with modern and contemporary furniture, but the baskets, quilts and red, white and blue color theme still provide the underlying essence of American Country decorating.

The Lodge Look

This decorating style epitomizes the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors. With large, real wood furniture, including twigs, poles, and Adirondack chairs, the lodge look incorporates touches of the old West with accents of real silver and turquoise, Navajo rugs, and thrown pottery used either as lamp bases or as accessories for the rough hewn wood mantel.

Mediterranean Country

This look can be either Tuscan or French, but it incorporates the colors and styles of Mediterranean old country homes with the convenience of modern living. You will find deep organic colors of rusts, ochre and saffron, plenty of wrought iron accents and simple lighting designs that may include candle-based light fixtures.

Island Chic

Think Tommy Bahama meets Ernest Hemingway in Casa Blanca. We all know Tommy Bahama was a fictitious character invented by the imaginations of a marketing team, but the line has come to represent elegant Island living, carried out with simplicity and class. The furniture can run from simple wicker, to elegant carved wood that reflects British Colonial styles. The main ingredient for Island Chic is the vivid color palette, consisting of tropical teals, salmon and yellows, usually played against a dark wood backdrop.

If any of these trendy new decorating styles have your imagination spinning, then you have definitely found your next look. Now it is time for a trip to your local paint store and favorite furniture retailer, and you will have your trendy new look in no time.