Home Maintenance: Pest Prevention Tips Against Rodents

The growing number of rodents and other issues related to pest control in various parts of the world is still pervasive. As the weather changes to winter, pests start to look for their suitable homes in which to stay warm during the cold season. And your home is probably one those that they are considering as an option.

To prevent this from happening, this article offers some home maintenance tips to check that effectively keep rats, mice and other rodents like raccoons and squirrels away from your property.

Windows and Doors

Crevices and cracks next to windows and door may not be that noticeable, but some pests like mice are too small that they can sneak in these areas or through the holes as small as a dime or a nickel. This goes the same with rats, their large-size cousins, which only need a quarter size hole to squeeze through. What you can do on your part is to conduct an inspection of cracks around your doors and windows that might probably appear over the last few months.

To address this matter, you can either add weather stripping under doors or seal up cracks with caulk. This keeps the cold weather out and heating in while at the same time keep the rodents out of your property.

The required repairs can be done by you or by an expert who will make sure that your property is fully pest-proof by securing loose parts, filling holes, and covering openings or vents.


Other than your roof, your house crawl space and attic also need an inspection to make sure that you are not giving the pests or rodents of all kinds their hiding spot option. See to it that your chimneys are covered so that birds, raccoons, and other rodents can’t get access to your home to build their own space, and then have their babies in there.

Entry points and attic windows should be inspected and all cracks are secured. Roof tiles that are loose should be re-affix to prevent rodent entry points. To eliminate the temptation for rodents to settle in, gutters should be repaired and cleaned.


Set some time to tidy up your yard and cut back on vegetation. The bushes should be well-trimmed and the grass needs to be cut. If you have a big lawn get buy a top rated ride on lawn mower. In addition, you can also rake the leaves but make sure to pile them up next to your home’s foundation. Also, remember to keep them at least 2-feet away so that pests don’t see it as a pathway to hide as they enter your home.

Storage of Food

To keep pests away from your kitchen also implies getting rid of the reason why they are there at the first place — to access or get food. This does not mean that you can no longer store food in your kitchen, but if you know how to properly seal it up will make it inaccessible to pests like rats and mice. With this, you are sending them away from your place as their food source area. Also, make sure to check the inside area of your drawers and cabinets for holes, then seal them up once found.

Above recommendations are what you can do yourself, but the best-related solution is still to hire the services offered by pest control companies.  

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